Sunday, 24 August 2014


Here are some more bath tub self portraits. Fake flowers are my favourite thing and I look forward to leaving home and having a flat of my own completely full of plants with lots of space for my fur family (which currently includes a rabbit, hamster and ten gerbils.)
I almost always look hecka sad in pictures because I am incapable of smiling- blame it on my hamster cheeks and very crooked teeth.
Army surplus jacket, vintage skirt and top and Underground creepers (not really visible.)


sonja said...

I feel you so much on the wanting to move out. I also super dig these vibes, and the peach tiles are super awesome.


Lally said...

I love fake flowers too! I can tell ya when I moved out it was so good, I got to have as many plants as I liked and I now have FARR too many!! Sadness in pics is underrated not too into overly smiley pics. XX

Adele said...

I love fake flowers but always use them for craft projects so they don't last long and I always end up buying new ones anyway


Claire said...

askjdaseuyjhsadas I love your hair too much, it's kind of a mermaid hair or something, and you look so beautiful in these pictures (who doesn't love bath tubs? and fake flowers?)

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