Monday, 13 January 2014


  1.  Belated happy new year to everyone. 2013 was a very complex and confusing year. It was the year I finally found a gang of amazing friends, had my first break up, dyed my hair blonde, red, neon pink, dark blue, dark pink, red again and light blue, turned 16, didn't grow AT ALL, wore out two pairs of Doc Martens and about twenty pairs of tights, used 3 rolls of film, threw my Blackberry out a third story window and smashed it, saw Tom Odell, Noah & the Whale, Martha Wrainwright and Dexy's Midnight Runners live, went to a (sort of rave), hung out in the graveyard a lot, filled five notebooks, used up three tubes of eyeliner, went to Larmer Tree, took a lot of selfies, trashed my health, changed bedroom, got a rabbit, gained an obsession with Joan Jett, walked 4 miles at 3am with some strangers and sat on a hillside with them as the sun rose and listened to Pink Floyd, decorated trees in the park, bought 3 prom dresses, ended up in A&E three times, cut my hair twice, gained 12 piercings (but took out 8 of them), brought a guitar and never used it, ate nine slices of cake in one go, drunk at least 70 bottle of lemon squash and 300 cans of energy drink and 4567898766 litres of coffee, read Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas on a sports' field at 1am whilst incredibly lost, went to the David Bowie exhibition twice, was in The Mail on Sunday, did two weeks work experience in a pet shop and had the best time ever, read a lot and wasted a lot of time and tried to be happy and sometimes succeeded.
  2. I am looking forward to this year because 7 is my lucky number and as 14 is twice seven hopefully I shall be doubly lucky this year.
  3. This will be the year I finish school and finally start college.
  4. My hair is currently blue and I am hopefully getting my nose pierced in February. 
  5. I shall try to blog more often this year although it's probably not going to happen although I plan on using Instagram more. 
  6. Life is very confusing.
  7. Just adding one more sentence to make it seven (see 2.)


Mattie said...

I love your outfit and your 2013 sounds like everything I want my 2014 to be haha! I hope you have an amazing new yearrrr:* xoxox


Joy Agnes said...

Your outfit and hair look amazing!!!!

Adele said...

you're actually the coolest <3

Aida said...

wow at your 2013! love your outfit too


Sophie Wilson said...

Gorgeous outfit! It sounds like you did some wonderful things in 2013 and I hope you do similarly fantastic things this year and that it is overall a better year for you <3 xoxo


Erika said...

Your outfit is perfect! I might have to get me some overalls. I really like your writing style and wish you the best year ever!

-Erika, onlyaneel.blogspot.com

dini~ said...

2013 seemed like an eventful year for you! I wish I could experience a year like that, and also love your outfit. Happy belated new year! x

Sherry Chan said...

you look cute in those dungarees! Happy new year and glad that I found your instagram! :)


Katia Pellicciotta said...

This is so gorgeous. Also 2014 is an even number so extra luck from that too!!

Laura Morrigan said...

2013 was my first full year of having awesome friends! Your year sounds really amazing, a lot better than my sixteenth year! I hope that this will be an awesome year for you!

Carly Schneider said...

It's awesome that you kept track of so much for 2013! It sounds like a great time. I wish I could say that I was daring enough to do half of what you did. A graveyard? I mean, I'm afraid of those things!
I hope you get to have a marvelous 2014 and find that it is as, or more enjoyable than 2013.
I do the lucky number multiplication too

Nerissa Arviana said...

Your outfit <3

Cait Tompkins said...

I really love those overalls. And freaking love your writing, so honest and real.

Frank John said...

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