Monday, 28 October 2013


I suppose it's a funny sort of coincidence that Lou Reed had been on my mind a lot in the few days before I heard about his death. Last week my form tutor asked us all which four people we'd invite to a fantasy dinner party and I immediately thought of him, Frida Kahlo, Joan Jett and Courtney Love (if it could be a slightly larger dinner party I'd also invite Bowie, Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare, Cherie Curie and Walt Disney.) I won't pretend to have been his biggest fan because it's kinda tiresome when people do that, but Lou Reed has fascinated me for a long time. I can pinpoint exactly the moment when I first heard each of the songs I love by him and Heroin is one of my all time favourite songs. It's the last song on the top secret mix CD I keep for the absolute worst moments in my life and I can't count how many times I've cried in the dark to it. So I've spent the last 24 hours listening to Perfect Day and Pale Blue Eyes on repeat and getting super emotional.
Half term is finally here which is good because I am exhausted (and weary and could sleep for a thousand years) and have so much coursework to catch up with. On the plus side I have found a college which is absolutely perfect and I finally have some motivation because I kinda have to get into it. I'll be able to do photography and textiles and english and it's near a forest so I can go for walks and everything is exciting. Pretty much all of my friends are staying on at our current school so the idea of leaving them behind is pretty daunting. But I'm excited for next year. It seems like a chance to escape the rut I've been in for far too long. And as is very evident in this picture, I decided that rather than constantly changing around my bedroom, the time is right to completely clear it out and sort of start again with things.
Anyway, this is what I wore on saturday for hanging out with a gang of awesome gurlz. We went to a Mexican restaurant and ate churros and burritos and then congregated at Lakota's house to watch Camp Rock, carve a pumpkin, eat cake and draw on things.

I also wore some badass false eyelashes which weighed like 10kg and nearly ripped off my eyelids. The dress is from H&M and if I cross my arms it says BO #classy.
Half term will probably consist of lots of work (she says) and maybe some more blogging. I don't know. I have neglected this blog far too much lately and when I do post it kinda just consists of rambling. It's just nice to keep it going.


pigeon said...

your idea of fantasy dinner party sounds awesome, i would totally attend it if i could :PP
i was also sad about Lou Reed - even if i'm not the biggest fan (although i really like the vlvet underground), i have huge respect for him.

weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com

charlotte said...

ah your dress! !!! yeah, i've been listening to lou reed a lot too. and the thing about the song heroin-oh god yes the crying to it and listening to it when i had headache. i love his music, although, i'm not a super big fan…feel bad about it..

charlotte said...
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Sophie Wilson said...

I love your outfit. I'm so sad about Lou Reed's death :'( I haven't yet fully recovered from hearing the news. It is so sad. Your mix CD to listen to when you're really really sad is such a good idea. I should make one. I currently have a playlist called 'sad songs to wallow in self pity to at 4am' which is kind of my ~emergency playlist, as it were. Have a good half term :') xoxo


Marie-Lu said...

your room , your clothes etc... I love them all . ♥


Isabella Cantillano said...

Perfect room and perfect clothes :)

Isabella said...

really really nice blog, room, dress, everything. (heroin was the first song i heard by the velvet underground by the way, it's amazing) <3


Emily Bear said...

You are a gem. <3 Emily


Chloe said...

I love your dress and your room is a dream <3


Flo Jo said...

I've just found your blog and am already completely in love. Your writing is stunning and you seem to have such awesome ideas and a personality that's interesting. You're your own person and I wish I knew people like you in real life. I know that sounds really weird re reading it but you just seem like such an awesome (really overuse that word) person that I couldn't resist telling you!

please keep being this amazing
Flo Jo xx

Cess said...

you look amazing. Especially those tights... they are to die for. But just overall your aesthetic, meaning your room and outfit and writing, in this post is lovely. And false lashes look really cool but they suck. They are just awful. Absolutely awful.