Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 These are some pictures my pals Vikki, Katie and I took on Tuesday, centered around the patches Poison Apple Printshop sent me. I kinda just dressed everyone up and we wandered around my house and the park and photographed each other so nothing is staged and I really love how pictures like that always turn out.
 Dresser in my bedroom. The poem on the blue card is The Road Less Travelled which is so beautiful and it's the kind of poem you can read every day and never tire of.
 Underground creepers.
 Patches from Poison Apple Print shop, thrifted army jacket and Katie's own denim jacket.
  Vikki is wearing my Miss Selfridge playsuit and hand me down tights and Katie is wearing my thrifted sequin dress. Katie's flower crown was sent to me by H&M and Vikki's is homemade.
I'm wearing H&M tights, a thrifted plaid skirt, Topshop crop top, various necklaces and birds from Paperchase in my hair.
(For the record it was incredibly windy and a lot colder than the sunlight in these pictures would suggest and I was absolutely frozen.)
The Teletubby bag was thrifted and we're all pretty obsessed with it because Katie knows the person who played Dipsy and got me his autograph which I treasure. 
One of my favourite things about using a dslr camera is all the light patterns which form when using it in strong natural sunlight like here. 
Tongue piercing on display as always and Vikki's eyebrow game is super strong.
~Shoes porn~ 

Monday, 14 April 2014


 Hello again, time for another outfit post whilst I attempt to revise and invariably end up stalking pictures of Jensen Ackles' early modelling career and eating pints of creme egg ice cream and talking to my pets (I recently aquired two new gerbils called Mazzy and Star who might have more babies soon.) Half term is going uncomfortably fast. Tomorrow I'm going into school for a revison session and I actually can't remember how school works???? It feels like I've been away from there for far longer than I actually have.
 This is what I wore a few days ago to go out for (goats cheese and asparagus) pizza with my mum.
 Mickey Mouse ears from Ebay, Primark tights, Office shoes, hand me down socks and Miss Selfridges playsuit. The jumper and denim rucksack were both made for me by my mum. I wore this jumper to school during mocks and just pointed at it every time anyone spoke to me which saved lots of effort.
To all those also with exams, good luck with revison and I hope you survive the next few months! xxx

Friday, 11 April 2014


 A mishmash of pictures I took today, with assistance from my mum because tripods are exhausting.Tongue piercing is on display again because I still love it. 
 The Lolita plaits have made a reappearance after a length absence. My hair colour has altered yet again, I've lightened it to ginger. 
 Bunny earrings which Punky Pins sent me, thrifted choker, vintage jacket and shirt, Topshop top, vintage cut off Levis, H&M tights, hand me down socks and new Underground creepers. THEY ARE SO PERFECT. This is my favourite outfit for a while also.
 Vintage Gautier shirt, earrings from Portobello market, dungarees which H&M sent me, various badges and thrifted choker.
 It feels good to be posting again! These were fun to take! 

Thursday, 10 April 2014


 Hello! I'm finally on easter break and still haven't started revising which isn't even funny any more. But anyway, H&M sent me some nice clothes to use in outfit posts and I incorporated them into some pictures Vikki and I took last night which look a bit like Guess campaigns.
 Jacket from H*M, vintage shirt, various necklaces and bracelets, thrifted doc martens and her own jeans.
 I had my tongue pierced on Friday and I absolutely adore it now the suffocating swelling has gone down, hence why my tongue is on display in the majority of these pictures. I've also recently had my nose pierced which is partially visible. That's probably it for piercings at the moment due to school although in the summer I will probably redo some of my old ear piercings.
 I'm wearing dungarees and a flower crown H&M sent me, a Zara shirt, doc martens, various necklaces and a moth patch Poison Apple Print Shop on etsy sent me. They sent me some really wonderful patches which are full of potential and will doubtless be in a lot of posts.
 Gangsta vibezz (these pictures would have maybe worked better in the graveyard but it was late and we were both so tired so the garden had to suffice opps.)
Evidently I suck at posing.
 Another cool thing: on Sunday my pal Katie and I went to London to see Neon Jungle perform on a roof top as part of the Grow Wild campaign, an initiative designed to encourage the planting of wild flowers in the UK. Neon Jungle were absolutely fab and it was really fun although I still couldn't talk due to a swollen tongue which meant Katie had to translate for me. I wasn't able to take my camera so these pictures are from the Facebook page. We were filmed by a few people but I wasn't able to find any of it online.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Hello! I said I'd recommence regular posting but clearly that hasn't happened. School is stressing me out beyond belief because of all the coursework deadlines which are approaching. I haven't taken any outfit pictures, so have some of my still unfinished new bedroom which is fairly minimalistic compared to the old one.
 Half papered wall and pin board with a poster from the Chanel exhibition I saw a while back.Plus lots of fake flowers.
 Pictures from vintage books about America around my dressing table, and curtains which are really fab.
 My desk where I sit and attempt to revise whilst my rabbit nibbles at my feet and head butts me until I am forced to play with her.
Also I totally forgot to post these lovely goodies which Punky Pins sent me a while back. They are super cute and I've been wearing them non stop. 

Monday, 17 March 2014


 Hello! It's been quite a while since I last posted, quite possibly the longest gap ever between posts, for which I have many valid reasons. Lots has happened but at the same time I have wasted so much time lately. Anyway, last Tuesday I had the day off school so I took some pictures of my gorgeous pal Vikki and they came out well so I'm posting them.
 She's wearing thrifted shoes, vintage tights and dress and a flower crown and wings which I made from existing ones+ the ouija board was hand painted by me in the summer.
Exams are terrifyingly soon and I have finally begun to actually take revision seriously so I guess things will continue to be quiet on here. I miss the days when I blogged several times a week and always had so much to say because I've lost sight of things a little along with the necessary confidence to publish my thoughts. I am having constant panic attacks just thinking about next year, it all seems so unclear. Taking pictures was really lovely though now spring is almost here.
Not sure what kind of forest fairy vibe we were aiming for, this outfit was sort of a mish mash of things I wore a lot throughout the summer. 
These boots are thrifted and are incredibly rad. They are hand painted with band logos and I wish I knew who made them. 
The ouija board has yet to be used except as a prop because I can never manage to rope in enough people and I'm a little too skittish to attempt it alone. This picture is maybe my favourite from the day.
~trying not to trample on any flowers~
Vikki on my front door step. 
 Me in my back garden wearing my 1970s prom dress and usual jewellery. 
 My mum built the wooden frame in the summer and it is somehow still standing. I cut my hair AGAIN and as always regret it deeply but at least the damaged bleached part has grown out now so it is at least marginally healthy again.
 Vikki in the graveyard. 
 She's wearing a thrifted Indian dress, car boot sale jumper which I genuinely wear every single day, flower crown my pal Jemima made me and her own boots.
And this conclude this very overdue post. Happy Monday everyone!