Saturday, 19 July 2014


 I redid my cork tile pinboard on Suunday. It's a little too neat for my liking as it stands so I'll probably continue to add to it over time.
 Zines from Etsy and something from i-D which I think is from a Levis campaign? Someone tell me if you know.
People and stuff from Pigeons&peacocks, i-D and Love plus a drawing Sinead did of me a while back.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 I took these pictures to play around with light a bit and they came out nicely. Excuse my gross, puffed up (agAIN) cheeks though.
 Today has been peaceful, if unproductive. I really need to start doing more with my summer. If anyone wants to do any form of collaboration, be it a guest post or zine or anything, email me (address in side bar.)
 This jacket is Junior Gautier and was a gift from a friend of my mum's and I am looking forward to wearing it to college. Shirt is thrifted, skirt is from Topshop, tights are from Ebay and shoes from Brick Lane in London.
 Black lipstick is my new love in life, even if it it constantly smudges and stains everything. 
 I cannot pose to save my life. 
This brings back memories of my goth phase in 2012 where I used to wear so many necklaces that they sometimes bruised my neck.


 I haven't posted about my notebooks for a while so here are some pages from my current one. This page is Pagan symbols (I went to a fire ritual which was magical) and symbols from Supernatural.
 Lyrics to quite possibly one of the best songs ever and some more Pagan symbols underneath.
 More symbols alongside Bon Jovi lyrics and some Michelle K poems. 
 Posting writing from my notebooks is usually too personal but for once I'm going to. Sometimes I give myself of filling two pages without pausing and this was one of those instances.
 Part of a fan fiction (not sure about the source) which is utterly amazing and doddles.
 More inarticulate scribbles.
 Important stuff, based on a Tumblr post.
 Self explanatory. 
Something for a story which is sort of floating around my brain yet which will probably never be written. I've got into the habit of writing in capitals and might stick to it. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


 My hair was cute today and I felt like taking some pictures although my face is horribly puffed up (this happens every time I eat anything salty/ don't drink 10l of water a day and it drives me crazy because my cheeks are already chipmunk-y enough), hence the fake flowers.
 My overall aesthetic is very 90s and minimal at the moment which I like. This summer isn't too hot yet which makes it possible to actually wear what I want. Also I cut my fringe stupidly short which looks horrendous but I'm embracing it. 
This shirt, flowers and tattoo choker are thrifted (might I add that I was wearing these chokers 2 years before the rest of the world) (same for pleated skirts) (and LOSER shirts) and my skirt is Topshop.
gifs r like so original and kewl!!!!! ft. my new candy coloured tongue barbel and 80s earrings. I am still going back and forth about getting a medusa piercing. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014


 Today I was deemed mature enough to be allowed white bedding and not spill yoghurt or ink or whatever on it and it makes such a good backdrop because the light in my room is lovely in the evenings. So, some pictures against it. This succulent is my baby and has grown so well since I brought it which I'm proud of considering my history of slaughtering plants unintentionally. I've always been very into roses and more delicate flowers but for some reason cacti and succulents seem more interesting at the moment.
 These are some of the notes I used to write myself during the winter when my depression was particularly bad and I had a tendency to not get out of bed until the evening and they speak for themselves.

 Shoes. All the pairs I have at the moment are exquisitely worn in and battered which is the nicest thing. 
Some slightly shaky embroidery I did a few weeks ago with my pal Janey. It's of my favourite EE Cummings quote which is so surreal and beautiful.

Monday, 7 July 2014


It's a few weeks into summer and spending every day drawing/reading/writing/having movie marathons is wonderful and not having the dread of returning to school hanging over me makes it even better. Hopefully I can start to post a bit more too. These are some pictures from my instagram (@bubblegumpopqueen) taken recently.
 Fab cat tights, important journal pages and a shirt I made.
 Lana Del Cry shirt ft. huge legs, prom make up and my hand stick and poke, ink stained fingers and shoe porn.

Monday, 23 June 2014


It has been quite a while since I last posted which is fairly justified I guess. I have finally finished exams and school forever and it feels truly amazing. Exams were mildly less hellish than I anticipated and I feel slightly positive about a few of them. Finishing school has been painfully emotional and this summer seems so dauntingly long. My brain has been too worn out to take any decent pictures lately, so I'll offload a mish mash of stuff floating around my laptop.
 Pictures I took quite a few months ago in my favourite part of the garden, around the time I was studiously not revising for finals and spending all my time watching Supernatural.
Hand knitted hat (which I lost a few days later), Boohoo shirt under H&M mesh shirt, vintage shorts, H&M tights and Underground creepers which are my babies.
 Most of the numerous pictures I took throughout the last few days of school have too many peoples' faces in to post so these are a few less personal ones which I liked. The one above is my best friend and I, ft. my signed school blouse.

 My contribution to end of year pranks was to do this to several of the school bathrooms because doge is my all time favourite meme.
 Emotional hugging.
 Christi's fab onesie.
 A lovely polaroid Rosina took of Lili, Sofia and I. On the last day everyone dressed up and I went as a kind of fairy but the cut off vintage prom dress I wore got too uncomfortable so I ended up changing.
 Another lovely polaroid. 
 My beautiful bunny in the garden a few weeks ago. Animals wearing flower crowns are very near the top of my list of cutest things ever.
This concludes a very jumbled and messy post. Happy summer to all you fellow humans!
Lastly a shameless self promo. I remade my instagram and I'm rather proud of it if anyone wants to follow me.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 These are some pictures my pals Vikki, Katie and I took on Tuesday, centered around the patches Poison Apple Printshop sent me. I kinda just dressed everyone up and we wandered around my house and the park and photographed each other so nothing is staged and I really love how pictures like that always turn out.
 Dresser in my bedroom. The poem on the blue card is The Road Less Travelled which is so beautiful and it's the kind of poem you can read every day and never tire of.
 Underground creepers.
 Patches from Poison Apple Print shop, thrifted army jacket and Katie's own denim jacket.
  Vikki is wearing my Miss Selfridge playsuit and hand me down tights and Katie is wearing my thrifted sequin dress. Katie's flower crown was sent to me by H&M and Vikki's is homemade.
I'm wearing H&M tights, a thrifted plaid skirt, Topshop crop top, various necklaces and birds from Paperchase in my hair.
(For the record it was incredibly windy and a lot colder than the sunlight in these pictures would suggest and I was absolutely frozen.)
The Teletubby bag was thrifted and we're all pretty obsessed with it because Katie knows the person who played Dipsy and got me his autograph which I treasure. 
One of my favourite things about using a dslr camera is all the light patterns which form when using it in strong natural sunlight like here. 
Tongue piercing on display as always and Vikki's eyebrow game is super strong.
~Shoes porn~